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We are GRN+ LTD — a new publishing company offering publishing and distribution services across the globe.

We help developers and publishers to get extra coverage for their games by bringing their titles to PC digital sales channels they do not work directly with.
We are straightforward and simple in our approach to partners. We are transparent in what we do.
With years of experience and all the necessary resources, our goal is simple – to let your games get access to a wider audience and earn more.

Publishing & Business Development

a proper way to set things smoothly with platforms is crucial, we got you covered
Our experience is key to successfully partnering up with store platforms and specific territories!
We coordinate promotions and launch options, resolve issues, stay tuned about all the upcoming changes and follow the platform needs faster. Also, we know a lot of platform-specific possibilities which help us with SEOs, GEOs and setting up special promo and traffic boosts.
Here’s just a sample of what we can offer:
Established relations and dedicated contacts on regional digital platforms
Game page content optimization for maximum visibility
Market analysis and optimal release windows selection on various platforms
Involvement in storefront promotional campaigns
Lifecycle sales management — track sales, strategically boosting them with discounts while maintaining the game's value


increase your digital retail footprint
Work with us to distribute your games to an even wider global audience, be the first to enter the channels that are underserved now and let your games shine even brighter without competitors around.
The goal is to bring you new revenue streams and we offer various lucrative finance options for the distribution of your games on digital sales channels.
We are flexible and open for discussion, with clear and adjustable terms our digital distribution offer will fit your specific requirements.
Games from Curve portfolio are published by GRN+ LTD
GRN+ LTD has signed a selection of Goblinz titles to publish those in the CIS territories.
Goblinz Publishing - an indie game developer and publisher from France specialized in Strategy & Simulation games where you must think, plan and care about your actions! The company’s motto is “Smart games for smart players”.
GRN Plus has acquired World War 3 publishing rights
Games from Curve portfolio are published by GRN+ LTD in the CIS region.
Curve Games are pioneers of developer-focused publishing with games which are played by millions of players around the world.
GRN+ LTD has acquired World War 3 (WW3) publishing rights. The game has passed through its Closed Beta and entered its next phase with Open Beta launch.
Akupara Games is a collective of indie game veterans based in Los Angeles, California equipped to handle everything from full-game development to marketing, porting and distribution in-house, meaning nothing ever gets lost in translation.
World War 3 is an online multiplayer tactical FPS set against the backdrop of a modern global conflict. Team up to outgun and outflank the enemy in thrilling tactical skirmishes waged across real-world locations like Warsaw, Berlin, and Moscow.
Atomic Heart is a highly anticipated upcoming FPS action role-playing video game developed by Mundfish and published by GRN+ LTD in the CIS region.
A lineup of 18 titles published by Akupara Games is licensed by GRN+ LTD for the CIS region.
Welcome to Atomic Heart, a close world action RPG. In the Soviet Union of the future, in 1955, science reigns supreme. The world is on the verge of the greatest event. You are Agent Major P-3 and you will have to find out what is really lying behind the utopian dream.
Atomic Heart published by GRN Plus
kupara Games is licensed by GRN+ LTD
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